the way to a woman's heart is through laughter

The Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through Laughter

Make Her Smile To Make Her Love You

It’s quite an old saying that “the way to a woman’s heart is through laughter” and, women are the most emotional creature on earth. The main reason why they’re more emotional is because they have a brain that’s wired to focus on things emotionally rather than logically. So, if you can’t be the most logical and smart guy in the world, be the funniest to make her fall in love with you. A woman who is laughing is already in love. So, if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, the best way to do it is to make her laugh.

Look, I’m not going to tell you how to treat a woman. I’m also not going to tell you how to make her love you. You’re just going to have to figure that out on your own. But what I will tell you is that if you want to put a smile on a woman’s face, you have to make her laugh.

That’s what I did. I was at a party, just minding my own business, when this absolutely gorgeous girl came up to me. She was super bubbly, and just a little bit tipsy. And I’m a sucker for a girl that’s tipsy. So I started making her laugh. I asked her about her friends. I told her about my friends. I even told her about my friends’ dogs.

She loved it. She was laughing the entire time. And then, the most amazing thing happened. She asked me to dance. She wanted to dance with me. She wanted me to hold her close. She wanted me to kiss her. It was amazing.

Why Women Need Laughter

Let’s face it, there are a lot of different aspects that make up a woman. Women are strong, beautiful, talented, powerful, and intelligent. But one thing that makes women unique is the fact that they are emotional. Women experience joy, pain, love, hurt, and happiness on a daily basis, just like their male counterparts.

On top of all, they are without a doubt, intelligent. And what do intelligent emotional creatures do? They laugh. Women need laughter more than they need food and water. Laughter is the best medicine. It helps to ease stress, improves your mood, and helps you to be more creative.

Research has shown that laughing can also help to strengthen your immune system, improve your memory, and even help you live longer. Women need laughter in their lives just as much as they need a man. However, the best part about laughter is that you don’t need to be a woman to enjoy the benefits of laughter. All it takes is a sense of humor, which both men and women possess.

It’s no secret that they are less prone to logic and reasoning than men, and they love to make decisions based on their emotions. The fact remains that women are more attracted to a man who can make them laugh. It’s a simple fact that has been proven over and over again. And if you’ve ever been with a woman for a long time and then lost her, you know how true it is. Bringing out the humor in a woman is a great way to win her over. A good sense of humor is the way to a woman’s heart.

Scoring A 2nd Date

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If you have gone out on a date with a girl, you’d be wondering, what should you do to get a 2nd date? Surprise! It’s not all about looks. According to a new study, men are most likely to get a second date if they make the woman laugh. And women are also attracted to men who make jokes.

The study was done by researchers at the University of Western Ontario who asked more than 400 people to rate the attractiveness of people based on their online dating profile pic. The study showed that men who made jokes or witticisms in their profile were much more likely to get a second date. The women in the study were also more attracted to men who made jokes.

A man who can make a woman laugh has a much higher chance of getting a second date, and he’ll be preferred over a man who doesn’t. Psychologists from the University of Kansas, the University of North Carolina and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro found that women rated men who made them laugh as more attractive, regardless of whether they were funny themselves.

“When it comes to mate selection, people pay attention to traits like body symmetry, health and social status. Our study shows that a sense of humor is another important factor that people take into account when choosing a mate,” co-author Beth Montemurro said in a statement.

Become Naturally Funny

If you are not a natural jokester, you can be as long as you’re willing to work at it. Having a good sense of humor is not necessarily hard to come by. It is, however, difficult to sustain. Humor is one of those skills that can be learned and practiced. Here are a few tips to help you become a funnier person. You can try finding out your style of humor through videos and your interaction with friends.

Whether it be humor through story-telling, self-deprecating joke (don’t over do it), or making an observation and make a comment on it, or teasing, with enough practice you’d be good at it. Don’t analyze things too deeply, go with the flow and most important, be light hearted.

My last tip for you, for successful dating, it is all about making the other person feel comfortable. If they’re not relaxed around you, they’re not going to want to spend a lot of time with you. If it seems like the date is so stiff and she’s being uncomfortable, break the ice by cracking a joke or two. That’s why it’s important to learn how to make a woman laugh. If a woman is laughing, she’s having fun and she’s not thinking about anything else.

When she’s laughing, it’s hard for her to get upset or angry. She’ll start to see you in a different light, as someone who may be able to give her the kind of happiness she’s been looking for. So, it’s not just about getting the woman to laugh. It’s about making her feel good.

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