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The Ex Factor Guide Review – My Experience

Are you looking for a comprehensive review with real results for The Ex Factor Guide program? If so, then you are in the right place. This is my personal The Ex Factor Guide Review and I’d suggest you keep reading to find out what I experienced after using it. You’d be surprised!

ps: My review applies to both genders.

We Are Not That Far Off


Hey readers, my name is Scott.

If you are reading this, then I assume you just broke up with your partner. I was once in the same boat. Nobody likes a breakup and it hurts badly.

I remember all the details of when I broke up with my exes. Moments like these are usually vivid in your mind.

You know, locking yourself up in the room, sobbing (yeah my heart ain’t made of steel) and lying dead for hours.

The pain kept me from doing anything productive. I’d just spend hours reminiscing about all the great memories I had with my ex.

It affected me emotionally and mentally. I was :

  • depressed
  • unable to eat properly
  • blaming myself for everything that happened
  • being so unproductive with life

As dramatic as it sounds, I am sure you’ve experienced it in your younger days.

Painful Days

3 years ago, I wasn’t in the best situation. Everything came to end because she wasn’t interested in me anymore.

I mean how could you go from loving someone to being not “interested”. Does that even make sense?

Perhaps something about my vibe was off. Or she just found someone better looking than me.

All my insecurities were creeping in. I was getting so in my head. From sadness to anger, to confusion, I just didn’t know what to do.

2 weeks after the initial breakup, I have attempted everything I know.

The hardest thing for me was to restrain myself from calling her. I would try to call or send a text to apologize and work things out.

baby crying

Well, nothing worked out for me. She rejected my calls, ignored my text then block my number.

Fantastic! Just what I was hoping for!… So I went back to the old habits. Go to my room, lie on my bed, and stare at the ceiling.

Everyone had to force me to get out of the house to have fun and a clear mind.

Literally every day I would receive messages from my friends to join them. I was and always am thankful for them because if it weren’t for them cheering me up, I’d still be in my room.

Coming Across The Ex Factor Guide

The hours of talking to my friends made me think that –

You know what, I have to start loving myself and move on with life. I am sure there are ways I can get her back into my life.

From that moment, I was spending hours reading every article I could about “how to get your ex back”.

After reading everything, I felt something was still missing. And I knew that no one was going to give a free in-depth guide on the internet. Sure, they give you general bits and pieces of information but there is no step-by-step guide.

To me, “how to follow up” and “what to say” were more important than “what I can change after breaking up”.

Then it just hit me, I totally forgot that my buddy Joseph, is an “expert” when it comes to a relationship. Whenever I see him in action in the bar or club, I would be amazed.

This guy definitely knew what he was doing. More than that, I’ve seen his exes go back to him several times. I knew I have to call him and ask for advice on how to win back my ex.

I called him up to ask him “What was his secret to attracting an ex back?“. He gave me an hour lecture and ended the conversation by saying –

Go check out this program The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning. Solid teaching. I picked up a lot of stuff from the book.

Since it was coming from my close friend, I figured I should listen to his advice.

That night, I went back home to do my search on the ex factor guide on Google, watched videos on Youtube, and did more digging on the author. I found out that Brad Browning is legit. He has helped thousands of males and females to get their previous partners back.

Do you know what’s crazy? This dating strategy designed by Brad Browning has brought him a success rate of over 90%! That’s an insane number. If his success rate is high, then that must mean he knows his stuff right?

Note: The book is catered to both males and females. If you are a female reading this, this will work too.

The Ex Factor Guide Review

ex factor guide book

So I paid for the online program and I received online access. I got a discount when I purchased it. You will get The Ex Factor Guide in a form of a pdf e-book and videos that will help you win or attract back your ex-partner.

Check Here for Discounted Price

Inside the program, I was allowed to choose a program based on the specific – if I have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I think it is great that they separate the genders. What works for a man might not necessarily work for a woman.

The program consists of 13 chapters.

# Chapter 1: Introduction

  • I’m Here to Help if You Need It
  • The Real Reason You’re Alone
  • Don’t Pressure Her/Him
  • Some Good News

# Chapter 2: Attractive Characteristics

  • Pleasing Qualities
  • Traits
  • Social Skills

# Chapter 3: Unattractive Characteristics

  • Undesirable Characteristics
  • The Loss of Attraction
  • Prevent Feelings From Fading

# Chapter 4: Panic and Acceptance

  • Accepting of Situation
  • Avoid Pressuring Partners

# Chapter 5: Start With ‘No Contact’

  • Why 31 Days?
  • But I Can’t Wait That Long!
  • What If You Broke Up a While Ago
  • What If Your Ex Lives in Another City?
  • Pick Up an Old Hobby (Or a New One!)
  • Lean on Your Friends
  • Start Exercising More
  • Focus More Energy on Your Work
  • What If No Contact is Physically Impossible?

# Chapter 6: Start Dating Other Person

  • How to Let Her/Him Know You’re Dating
  • Hang Out with Mutual Friends
  • Take A Lot of Pictures – And Post Them!
  • What If She’s Dating Other Men Already/He’s Dating Other Women Already?

# Chapter 7: What If She Contacts You?

  • What If She Calls?

# Chapter 8: What If She Doesn’t Contact You?

  • You Have Two Options
  • What Should You Text Her/Him?
  • The Pointless Text
  • The Good Reminder Text
  • How You Should Call Her/Him
  • When She/He Calls or Writes Back
  • “What If This Doesn’t Work?”

# Chapter 9: The Date

  • Body Language and Tone of Voice
  • Conversation Topics for The “Date”
  • How To Tell A Good Story
  • Focus On…

# Chapter 10: Seduce Her/Him All Over Again

  • Seduction in a Nutshell
  • Attraction
  • Your Physical Appearance
  • Tease Her/Him!
  • Kinesthetic Attraction
  • Taking Kino A Step Further
  • Find An Excuse to Move Locations
  • How To Kiss Her/Him
  • A Dirty Attraction Tip
  • My “6 Magic Words”

# Chapter 11: Sex!

  • What To Do After Sex

# Chapter 12: Preventing Breakup

  • Keep Things Interesting
  • Induce Jealousy

# Chapter 13: Conclusion

What Else Are There?

What do you actually get out of it? In the ex factor, you’ll learn to avoid various mistakes that people commonly make. Mistakes that will repel your ex away and turn them off. This is so helpful especially when you’re doing it on a constant basis.

It will definitely prevent you from creating a disastrous relationship in the future.  You will learn what it takes to create a loving and thriving relationship.

The program also covers techniques based on human psychology.

love psychology

You make everything turn in your favor when you understand what lies deep in a man’s or woman’s mind.

One example is envy. A simple yet powerful technique to make your ex compel to meet you. It is almost as if they’ll be losing out if they don’t.

The tricks in here are more likely to work than some video or article you read online.

You’ll also discover all the secrets to win them back and if your relationship is worth repairing. Sometimes people with toxic relationships are beyond repair.

If they still want to get their ex back, there’s always a solution regardless of the situation.

In addition, they go through what you should text, to the tone of your voice, body language and so on. There is a total of 137 quality pages, so you’d be sure to get your money’s worth.

The whole idea of this book is to help you get your ex back.

Oh! I must add, if you like sex, there will be an emphasis on it too. Having sex is like the peak point, the climactic scene of the movie, then closing the entire chapter by getting him or her back to your side.

My Experience With The Ex Factor Guide

As much as I dislike the beginning section, I must admit that it is so crucial to stick to it.

I was required to distance myself from her for at least 31 days.

Why 31 days you asked?  The 31 days period isn’t just to create space between me and my ex, but rather focus on self-development.

You cannot expect to fix an issue when you’re having negativity in your system. Your ex can sense it from miles away.

During that month, I stopped contacting her.

Yeah, I mentioned that she blocked my phone number.

However, she still hasn’t unfollowed me on Instagram, and Snapchat or unfriended me on Facebook.

That’s a good indication that she isn’t all that done with me. I probably annoyed her because I sound desperate.

From a female perspective, it is a huge turn-off when they see a man breaks his frame. In other words, vulnerable and subservient.

I was hitting the gym with my buddies, smiling more often, hanging out with my old friends that I neglected and in general, have a good vibe.

Just appreciating everyone and everything around me. I was focusing more on myself than ever before. I even started going on dates with different girls to keep my option open.

Deep down I know I still love my ex, I just did it for my well-being. Nevertheless, it was great to actually apply what I learn with different girls too.

The feedback? Two thumbs up from me! My date was showing a serious indication of interest too.

I was able to be more aware of my date and myself.

After 31 Days of Following The Guide

Now comes the interesting part!

Remember I said I went on dates? didn’t take long before the photos (not nudes don’t worry) and rumors go circulating around.

Eventually, it led back to her, as I planned. We all have mutual friends. One of my close friends, who happens to be a close friend of my ex as well, told me everything that happened.

My ex was irritated and complaining “how could Scott do this?”

Readers, I hope you’re siding with me in this. Remember, she dumped me first.😜

Anyways, things took an interesting turn. She was getting envious of the photos on Facebook and Instagram. A week later, I got a text from her.

We need to talk, Scott. Please call me!

Wow! Sounds like someone finally decided to unblock my number!

I followed everything in the guide properly. Making sure I never skip a beat. I ignored her text this time.

A few days later, another text from her. You know what, I am not a bad person. I just followed the script that was given.

The Meeting – Time To Get Her Back

I dressed sharply and look on point! We met up for brunch at a cafe nearby the street I live in.

I am trying to remember everything I learned from Chapters 9 and 10.

All the previous dates certainly helped me out. I feel a little more confident and feel attractive.

One thing I kept in mind was never, NEVER, bring up anything from the past. I acted like a whole new person.

The 31 days challenge prepared me well I’d say.

We were just talking almost about anything. There were times when she started testing me by asking me questions. I redirected everything and maintained my frame.

Following the strategies in the seduction guide, I was able to make her giggle and get a positive reaction from her.


You have no idea how relieved I felt to know that everything was flowing so well. She responded the way I wanted her to and I was able to escalate it even more.

At some point, I knew she was going to ask about the photos. And after 1 hour into our conversations, she finally did.

I responded to her in a very sarcastic way while giving a smirk. That reply certainly caught her off guard. She was giving me looks like “who is this guy?”

Brad also taught the 6 magic words in the ex factor program. I’d say it worked like a charm! Goshh, I just can’t get enough of her reactions and I love it.

Deep down I knew I was stirring her up well.

Overall, we had a very positive date at our first meeting after 1 month+.

The Final Result

I could go on with my story but I am not going to bore you. To keep it short, she finally texted me after our first date. She requested to see me the 2nd time and then the 3rd time.

Everything was slowly but surely falling back into place.

Finally, we got back together! She’s crazy in love with me again. One thing she said that stuck to me was –

It feels like I am dating a different man but it is still you. Is it weird? Even though we have dated for a long time, I somehow feel like this is our first time getting together – that’s of course if you don’t bring up the past.

Quite interesting feedback.

In total, it took me a little over 2 months to get her back. Quite a reasonable time frame I’d say.

This all happened 3 years ago. To this day, I am still using the same tricks from the program whenever the situation calls for it.

I also attracted a few of my exes back – only the ones that mattered.

Is This For You? My Conclusive Review

you got this

Does it really work? That’s what you’re probably thinking now.

What I like about watching the videos was that I felt like Brad was coaching me 1-1.

That personal relationship feeling you get from watching is wonderful. It feels like he knows your problem and what you’re going through. That’s a plus for me! Not many programs can deliver it that way.

I personally think it is easy to consume and follow along. No mumbo-jumbo tricks. Everything is straight to the point.

Getting the program also means getting a bang for your buck! Why would I say that?

I received 3 bonuses for purchasing the program.

  • 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction
  • 7 Steps to Sex Appeal
  • Flawless Physique Fitness Guide

Here is my ex factor guide conclusion to help you make informed decisions before making any purchase. My advice to you, whether you are going through a breakup or trying to find someone new, it depends on how you feel about your situation.

The program is very action-oriented too. Following the guidelines and implementing them will significantly increase your chance of getting your ex back. It is what the program is designed for.

If you are thinking this guidebook is a scam, then I can assure you that it is not a scam.

I have a couple of questions for you. Be honest with yourself:

1. Do you have plenty of fond memories with your ex?

2. Do you still love your ex?

3. Do you want to win back your ex partner?

4. Will you do what it takes to win him/her back?

If you answered all Yes, then go for it. It’s now or never. If you have not seen the video, please check the ex factor guide today on the official website.

Don’t forget to check out ex factor guide deals.
Check if the coupon is still available. – >> Click to see if it’s still available <<

There is a 60 days money back guarantee too – so there’s no risk in getting the program.

I believe that this online program can guide and help you as it has helped me.

I am optimistic that you can replicate, if not, do better than me.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Just comment below if you have any questions.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Cheers! Have a wonderful day!

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