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8 Ways To Stay Motivated In A Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship that has lasted for years? Sometimes relationships can be tough to get through. You might find yourself losing interest in your significant other, or you might find that you have grown apart from your partner. This is not a good thing because it leads couples to split up.

Keeping the spark alive is something that all couples struggle with at some point or another, even I do as well. Often, the same old routines can feel a little boring and the relationship can feel a little stagnant. That’s when it’s easy to lose your motivation.

However, there are ways to keep the passion alive and to stay motivated with your partner. When you find yourself bored with your love life, it can help to think about moments that drew you to your partner in the first place.
I believe that many face the same challenges and it’s not always easy, which is why in this article, we will talk about 8 ways to stay motivated in a relationship.

1. Develop A Passion For The Future Together

It is no secret that we live in a time of rapid and significant changes. Technology is transforming how we work, think and live, and it can affect relationships. How do you stay motivated and inspired? If you’ve been feeling like it’s going nowhere, it may be because you don’t know what you are excited about. Whatever the case may be, there are some things to consider to help motivate yourself again.

Whether it’s by reading about trends happening in your industry or joining an organization that has a mission you care about – doing something meaningful will help motivate and inspire you for your career and life. Bringing your partner in to help you stay on track or do together can lead the relationship into something new and exciting. Ask your partner for advice and find the passion together. Support each whenever one needs help.

2. Look at the Big Picture In Life

You have to figure out what you want in life. It is important to remember that people often get distracted and lose sight of their goals. This, in turn, leads to a lack of motivation and stagnation. This is especially true when it comes to building a family. If you’re not married yet, then perhaps work towards marriage.

It is crucial for an individual to figure out what they want out of life, such as the future family or work-life balance. To those who want kids, you can perhaps start planning. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to make decisions on which paths you should take in the present.

3. Find Out What You Both Have in Common

Find out and share what you both have in common. I think by now, you should already know what your partner is interested in. As simple as something you two like to talk about or are passionate about, you can have discussions that really stimulate each other’s minds.

It is important for a relationship to find time to do new activities together. If you think there’s nothing in common, keep trying to find something you both love. Once you have found out what your partner likes, research new things that you can do during both of your free time.

Some examples of things couples can do together are:

  • Trying delicious foods you’ve been dying to try.
  • Play sports together.
  • Exchange knowledge on what both of you like.
  • Watch a romantic movie, or horror, whichever you all like.
  • Go for karaoke and sing out loud.

4. Have Fun Together (Go on a Date Every Week)

have fun in a relationship

Just like the above, besides having a common interest, it is best to also do things just for fun. It is often said that laughter is the best medicine and couples who laugh together stay together. Sometimes we need to do something fun and silly with our partner to break the routine and get back on track. Here are some of the date night ideas for couples:

1) Play a game like charades or Heads Up

2) Watch a comedy show such as SNL, 30 Rock or The Office

3) Go to a comedy club or improv show

4) Have an indoor picnic with wine and cheese

5) Have a cooking night and make meals from scratch

6) Go rollerblading or skating

5. Make Your Relationship Intentional

One of the most important keys to a good relationship is intentionality. When we live life intentionally, we know what we want and don’t waste time on things that are not in alignment with our intentions.

This section has nothing to do with relationships between people, but it does have to do with how you can have a good relationship with your partner – which is something that many people are looking for. Think about your current relationship and feel what’s like to appreciate your partner and do some thoughtful gestures for him/her.

6. Remember What You Two Have Been Through

I think a lot of couples tend to forget about what they have been through after their relationship got stale. A successful relationship is the product of two people who have shared experiences and memories together. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that couples are more motivated to be with each other when they have a history together.

Remember the times when both of you started dating, the silly things he/she said to you or the moments you tried to make your partner laugh.

As the Chinese proverb goes, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now” so for those who are thinking about embarking on a relationship, it might be worth considering what you are both willing to remember from your past before investing too much in the present.

7: Express Your Thoughts

When we’re unhappy in a relationship, we often try to ignore it and pretend that everything is okay. Trying to bottle things up and not having an outlet to express yourself can only do more harm to you as an individual, as well as in a relationship.

You should always talk things out together. But the first thing to do is really talk about what you’re feeling about the relationship or where it’s headed. It’s better, to be honest than to let things “happen” and eventually steer in a direction of no return.

If you need some help getting your thoughts out, or some advice from someone impartial, try talking to a therapist. At the end of the day, your partner is a great resource for both getting and giving advice.

8: Share The Same Goals Together And Work Towards It

When we partner up to work on goals together, we are more likely to achieve them. We take the pressure off and make it easier to tackle tasks that may seem too daunting when taken alone.

A good way to know what you want out of life is to set goals with your partner. You can also motivate each other by setting targets that you can meet as partners.

Studies show that people who work on goals together are more successful. If your coworkers have a similar goal as you, you’ll be more motivated and have a better chance of achieving it.

An example is going to the gym together and helping each other achieve a new record. Got a business together? How about motivating each other and working on the same thing with an end in mind.


“A relationship is a connection between two people who love each other and give each other something that nobody else can.” – Tom Hanks. Throughout our lives, we all have relationships, whether with family, friends, coworkers or our significant other. As I am sure you are aware, it can be difficult to stay motivated sometimes in a relationship. Some people can motivate you in a relationship and some can’t. Some people you can motivate in a relationship and some you can’t.

That’s where I am going with this. You can’t control the other person, you can only control yourself. If your partner isn’t doing what they are supposed to, you can’t change that by worrying about it or complaining about it. You can only be responsible for what you do. If you try to do everything you can to keep yourself motivated, that should be enough. Make sure you and your partner are both doing your part.

With this knowledge, we know that you can keep your relationship fresh and exciting by finding new ways to challenge each other. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your calendar and plan out your next outing together!

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