productive things to do in traffic

10 Productive Things To Do In Traffic

Ah, traffic. That lovely time of day when you are stuck in a car on the way to work or stuck in a car on the way home from work. You can’t really do much in the car during this time, not without getting a few dirty looks at least, so you might as well make the best of it. It’s a good idea to use this time to do something that you wouldn’t normally have time to do otherwise, but be careful not to become too distracted.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people are stuck in traffic. Not only are they unable to reach their destination on time but also they are wasting their precious time which could be used in a more productive manner. The productivity of the modern workforce has significantly increased in recent years. The increasing complexity of tasks has made it necessary to streamline and optimize workflow.

This article highlights 10 tips that will allow you to focus on productive things while driving, so that you can manage your time better while commuting. Whether it is for a 20 minute car ride or a 2 hour commute, these 10 tips will help you stay on top of your day and maintain productivity.

1. Review Your Goals For The Week or Month Ahead

When we are stuck in traffic, we can take the time to mentally review and revise our goals for the week or month ahead. I bet that many who would not do this when they’re home. So what better way to do them than being in the traffic?

Aside from reviewing your goals for the week, it is also a great time to reflect on how you have been doing so far. It helps you assess your progress and keep yourself motivated for future days.
Your goal should be realistic and achievable within a certain timeframe.

2. Do Some Online Shopping

When you are stuck in traffic, you usually have access to your phone and can be on social media or browsing online. Amazon, Ebay or Etsy are your best friends in this situation.

These apps are not just for looking at clothes that you cannot afford, but these apps allow customers to purchase items from major retailers without having to step foot into a store.

Hey, you can even do your grocery shopping online rather than driving to the store which will probably take another hour of your time.

3. Listen To The Radio or Your Favorite Song

Listening to the radio for inspiration or knowledge and your favorite music in the traffic can make your time in the car less stressful and more enjoyable. I find this is a great way to de-stress and take your mind off of the traffic.

Not into songs? Try listening to ambient noise like waves or rain can help you feel relaxed.

4. Update Social Media Accounts

Go on scrolling on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or update your statuses. It’s a great way to keep your followers updated on your whereabouts, which will greatly reduce their worry about you being caught in traffic gridlock.

Check up on your friends and family and see what they’re up to.

5. Contact friends and family

calling in the traffic

Speaking of friends and family, getting stuck in traffic can be very exhausting and stressful especially if you’re traveling a long distance. However, this is also an excellent time to catch up with your family and friends back home as long as you have access to your cellphone.

They are your support system when you feel all alone or become disheartened because you miss them so much! Use this time wisely by making the most of it and side tracked from being stuck in traffic.

6. Write A Journal Entry

You’re probably bored by now after finding yourself checking the phone and social media more than 10 times. If you’re done scrolling, how about moving on to something else? Got a pen and a book? Or just your mobile phone will do. Start writing about your day or something memorable that happened recently.

If there’s nothing interesting, how about just writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand yourself better. A perfect time for self reflection.

7. Read Your Emails

When you are stuck in traffic, your inbox can be a great source of entertainment. Reading your emails when stuck in traffic can help you to escape from boredom and achieve your reading goals. It will help you to focus on reading emails and not let distracting thoughts take over your mind.

I’m sure you have pile of emails that are unread or unanswered. Utilize this time to reply everyone so you don’t have to do it when you get home.

8. Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to make the most of your time, especially if you are driving or commuting. You can use this time to read, think, or even sleep.

Podcasts are another way to make use of any downtime you have during the day. They can educate you on topics you are interested in and they provide company for those times when you are on your own.

We should be more mindful of how we spend our time and try to be productive with it rather than just wasting it away. There is no reason why we cannot listen to audiobooks or podcasts while doing tasks that require little concentration like cooking or cleaning up around the house.

9. Do Some Car Exercises

Have you ever thought of car exercises? Sure it may seem dumb to the drivers next to you but it’s essential to at least do a couple of stretches if you are stuck in the traffic for a long period of time to get the blood flowing.

Here are a couple of exercise:- simple arm stretch, wiggling your legs, rotating of your neck, arching and straightening your back, and most importantly, a deep and slow breath.

10. Write To Do List

Much like a journal, a to-do list can help us stay organized. It can help us be more productive and less stressed. It’s a great way to organize thoughts and tasks that will need to be completed at a later time while also keeping track of what has been done.

Write everything that needs to be done so you can have a worry free drive back home.


Manage your time better and take this opportunity to be more productive. Imagine all those wasted hours in the car every day when you could have done something more progressive. As always, stay focus on the road even if you’re on the phone. We hope you enjoyed our post about productive things to do in traffic.

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