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His Secret Obsession Review – My Results After Applying The Methods

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if His Secret Obsession works. Stick around and read my honest review after reading this book and applying the techniques. You will like the results!

shanHi girls, my name is Shan. If you are here, you most likely want to deepen your relationship, reconnect with your ex, or even just attract new guys into your life. Let me tell you this, it is all possible. Before I go into my review and experience, I just want to give a little back story of what my situation was like and how I came across this book.

This happened back in early 2019 when we had a really nasty breakup, which led us to cut off any connections. I was feeling devastated as we have been in a relationship for 5 years. There’s no way someone can move on that quickly when you spent a significant amount of time with a person. I am sure many of you out there have experiences like this.

It was certainly:-

  • eating me up inside
  • leading me to feel lost
  • making me desperate
  • destroying my mental health

The thing is, I knew it can’t just end there after all we’ve been through. So…

The Discovery

I called up my girls 2 weeks after the breakup to hang out at my place. They were very supportive of me for sure. All of us were sharing our relationship problems until Jessica brought up how she got her ex-boyfriend to fall in love with her again after they split for over a year ago. That immediately intrigued all of us. We all leaned in and questioned further.

She mentioned how she uses these “psychological tricks” that she picked up from a book and tested it out on many guys. To her surprise, it felt like she could literally get any guy she wants. From all corners, guys were all falling for her, showering her with gifts, taking her out for dinner, and texting her all the time. That’s when Jessica decided to test it out on her ex, which turned out pretty well. He actually responded to her text message after ignoring for months.

My curiosity led to me pressuring her to teach me, to which she then agreed, and pointed me to His Secret Obsession by James Bauer and gave me a few pointers. To me, it’s like a list of strategies that you can use when initiating a campaign for the full win back

What Is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a relationship guidance program designed by Relationship Expert and Best-Selling author James Bauer. The program guides and support women who feel their partner is straying away and most importantly, helps build a long-lasting loving relationship with their partner.

Readers will discover what men truly think, want and feel when it comes to relationships – backed with scientifically proven data. I have read a few relationship books in the past, and what sets His Secret Obsession apart from other books is the reasoning that men are driven by instinctive needs, due to their biology and evolution – even men don’t realize this.

However, the lack of awareness of this men’s natural instinct is why the program focuses on the idea of tapping into what James describes as, the “Hero Instinct”. Unlocking this knowledge is the true key to all men’s hearts.

To simplify, men want to be valued for their contributions, especially in the relationship. Think of them as your superhero, when you need to open the tight pickle jar (the cliché) and he comes to the rescue. You thank him for his effort and he goes away happy because he helped you. Men want to be a hero to the women they love and care about.

This program equips you with the necessary tools to trigger that instinct in him. Just learning this alone is a game-changer to most relationships out there. Who is the His Secret Obsession author?

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Who Is James Bauer

James Bauer is a best-selling author, a popular relationship coach and a psychologist.

Being in the industry for over 12 years, he has worked with hundreds of men and women to help them discover love and deepen their relationships.

He avidly studied men’s psychology and what drives them in relationships throughout this time. His Secret Obsession condensed all of this knowledge.

After reading the book and learning more about James Bauer’s past, I’m certain that he’s the real deal when it comes to relationship guidance.

What’s Inside This Secret Obsession Book?

As you can see above, this His Secret Obsession book can be broken down into 2 main parts followed by a bonus section.

Part 1 – It focuses on the Hero Instinct and how it works, which I briefly touched upon earlier. You can get a detailed explanation of it and the psychology of men.

Part 2- In this section, you get practical strategies like tips, tricks and techniques that you can implement to see results.

Text Messages Formula – If you are into texting, then this is helpful. Learn what or how to text to get him hooked into talking to you.

The book consists of a total of 217 pages.

I’d like to expand on signals and their usage. Here are a few notable signals in the book.

1. The Glimpse Phrase: 

One of the reasons the hero instinct is so effective on guys is that it targets their desire to feel needed. This signal and the phrases included are ideal for any situation, with any guy, whether you’re at the start of a relationship or years in. It’s the ultimate way to make a man feel wanted.

James Bauer has made it really easy to learn what to do if you’re stuck in a conversation. By following some basic instructions and following the template in this section, you can get on the right track.

2. Fascinating Signal:

Best used for new relationships or attempting to take the friendship up a notch. Get him fascinated with you, and this will keep you on his mind for a long time.

3. Silent Action Signal:

This is NOT a silent treatment or anything. It is communication without words – just by body language alone, you can catch a man’s attention.

4. I Owe You Signal:

Whether you’re just starting out in a relationship or have been together for a long time, this signal and the phrases included in it are ideal. It’s the most effective approach to make a man feel wanted and significant in a relationship.

5. Damsel in Distress Signal:

Being a damsel in distress in a relationship can sometimes make your man feel like a hero that is admired and respected, in turn, making him more likely to want to provide and protect you. In other words, this signal is intended to appeal to a man’s inherent protective impulses, making him desire to be your savior for the rest of his life.

6. The Ex-Back Signal:

For those who wish to get their ex back, this signal is for you. By using a simple 12-word text, you are creating an opportunity to catch his attention, and slowly pull him back by your side.

7. The Private Island:

Men will say these things if they want their partners to believe that they are the people who will be with them in a committed relationship for the rest of their lives. If you want him to see you as “the one” forever, then following The Private Island strategy is a good way to get it.

This technique is best used when your partner has expressed uncertain feelings about your relationship, or if you sense hesitancy on their part. If you’re newly dating, this can change his perspective on you.

8. The X-Ray Question:

Many men would close up at the thought of opening up and getting deep. You can’t progress a relationship deeper if he refuses to share parts of yourself that makes him vulnerable. The X-Ray question will leave him no choice but to open up quickly.

9. The #1 Signal:

Further insight into the relationship between men and commitment. Don’t get caught off guard in your relationship ever again.

10. Pursuit Mode:

With just 4 simple words, you can trigger the “pursuit mode” in him and he will get out of his way to tend to you.

11. Relationship Material:

Nurturing your relationship takes time and effort. This section focuses on helping women build long-term relationships by adding value along the way.

12. The Secret Currency of Happiness:

Do you know what’s a valuable currency to spend besides money? Emotional currency. This phase entails laying a strong emotional foundation for your relationship to grow and flourish. Fill your man with so much love and emotions so he will want to do more.

His Secret Obsession Cost

It is $47 for this digital download. There is no physical copy or videos in the program. 


  • Comprehensive Dating Book- With over 200 pages, you get jam-packed knowledge that can propel your further.
  • Psychology Based- His methods are research-based and are backed with evidence on why it works.
  • Practical Strategies- What you read can be implemented right away and not just a bunch of theories.
  • Instant delivery- The moment you make your payment, you get instant access to the pdf.
  • 60-Days Money Back Guaranteed –  No questions asked 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product. The sales support are helpful when I sent an email too.


  • Only PDF And Audio Version Available Online- No physical copies available.
  • More For General Men – Not all men think the same way. It can be based on science but it doesn’t guarantee that everyone responds the same as it only works for most but not all.
  • Pricing- Some might argue His Secret Obsession cost of $47 is a steep price to pay (which is why I include it here). Honestly, it is a lifelong work compiled into 1 book which justifies the pricing.

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My Experience And Results

Quite frankly, I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger despite the great recommendation from my friend. I did my research and read reviews online. I entered the website, watched the presentation (please do so if you haven’t), and was on the fence. Thinking to myself -“Is this going to work?”, “what if he doesn’t care?”.. etc.. the thoughts would go on for another hour.

In the end, I just went with it because deep down I knew I would do whatever it takes to have him back in my life again.

Upon reading the book, I was quite fascinated by the story of Rachel, a client of James Bauer who is struggling deeply with her relationship. By the end, with the phrases that James provided her, she managed to fix everything and her boyfriend fell for her hard again. Her story not only inspired me but motivated me to diligently read the entire book and follow through with the teaching.

A book with over 200 pages is not something I can digest in a day. It took me a good 2 weeks to fully grasp it and over a course of 2 months to implement the teachings.

Taking Action

Once I completed the book, I finally understood why men act a certain way in a relationship or why they started drifting away from me. It’s like my vision suddenly became clear. With this knowledge in mind, I tried to better myself in the beginning, not for the sake of him, but for myself. I started exercising more often, hanging with friends more and of course, changing the way I look.

By then, I felt like a different person, I have the inner confidence that I could pursue him back. As you know, I mentioned that we’ve cut off any connections – that means no following of each other on social media. Do I stalk him in the beginning? Yes.. but after reading the book, I stopped. 

Here comes the great news, I dropped a text using one of the templates given in chapters to him. Now all that is left is playing the “wait game”. Funnily enough, he didn’t text back! I was disappointed because I truly thought it was going to work. But wait…! Just 3 days later, he checked out my stories on Instagram. I was excited and at that time, I was like “that definitely got his attention!”. Fast forward to another 5 days, he started following me again on Instagram and added me back on Facebook.

The next thing you know, he shot me a text – I was absolutely over the moon! It felt amazing that my work has paid off. We started chatting again to catch up, while at the same time, keeping in my mind the teachings I got.

The Results?

After over a week of chatting, he decided to ask me to meet in person. Things just flow like a waterfall from then on, and we got back together. It’s like he has an obsession with me again. This process of getting back together took me over 2 months. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely! That’s because I’ve set the foundation right this time and I believe it will continue to strengthen our relationship.

Is This Book Suitable For You?

I am sure you are wondering if His Secret Obsession work. This ebook guide is designed for women of all ages who want to be loved and cherished by the man she feels so deeply for. Since the release of His Secret Obsession, it has helped thousands of women improve their relationships.

You’ll get word-for-word scripts, actionable methods, and stunning insights that will alter your love life and give you the confidence and happiness you’ve always desired, no matter what situation you’re in – 

  • If your partner is losing interest and you don’t know why
  • He is not prioritizing you anymore.
  • You can’t seem to attract guys in your life.
  • You want to get your ex back.
  • If you feel like something’s missing in your relationship and you don’t know what

Yes, regardless of the example situations above, it will and can work for you just like how it did for me.

What I personally like is it doesn’t beat around the bush. Since I’m a practical person, I would like to take matters into my own hands than let fate decide for me. At some point, I do feel like James only covers the psychological aspect of men on a surface level, which definitely leaves space to go more in-depth. However, I think it is still sufficient for the general audience.

If you are stuck and seem to go nowhere in your love life, this book can be an alternative to hiring a relationship coach, because let’s face it – hiring one ain’t cheap.

If you think the pricing of the book is high, I’d just say that- at what price would you pay to fix your relationship or to get the guy?

How Long Does It Take To Work?

In cases where it involves people’s free will, there’s no set timeline on when you can expect success. Nevertheless, a majority of the tactics in this program will have an immediate impact on your partner, while others will have a snowball effect over time.

Everyone’s circumstance is different, let’s be real. There’s no guarantee on how long it takes, be it in a day. a week or even a month. If you follow the course and implement them effectively, you will see changes quite drastically.

My Final Verdict – His Secret Obsession Review

Getting a guy is the first task, keeping him around is another challenge. It won’t be a problem any longer if you know what’s on in their mind on a daily basis. While there are countless dating books out there, this is one that I recommend since it has helped me personally.

The guide is easy to follow and it breaks down in ways you can understand. If you are serious about changing things in your relationship or just improving your love life, make sure to take action.

You have absolutely nothing to risk because of the 100% money back guarantee. Please use the Official Website to make the purchase to avoid scams.

Thanks for checking out my His Secret Obsession review. Leave a comment below if you need additional help with the program or advice from me.


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