5 Things You Must Do To Get Your Ex Back Fast

Are you trying to get your ex back fast? Like by tomorrow? Sorry to say that won’t happen. What about a week? Possible. In this article, I’ll be covering 5-must do things to attract your ex back as soon as possible.

Win Your Ex’s Heart

First off, no matter what dire situation you are in with your ex-partner, there are always ways to get him or her back!

Is that one sentence enough to restore your faith? Yes? No? .. Well it doesn’t matter! If you follow what I have to say, you’ll be scoring them back in no time…I hope.

Why should you listen to me? I have a lot of dating experience that’s why. How many you say? More than your fingers can count.

Okay jokes aside, but the truth is, after dating for a long time, I’ve discovered the secret to male and female’s psychology. The secret has allowed me to get my partners back countless times.

Get ready because I’ll be sharing with you this information that will change your life. It applies to both men and women.

5 Checklist To Get Your Ex Back Quickly 

You have to realize that I can give you the best techniques but if you don’t implement, you’ll be losing out. You don’t have to follow everything listed to the ‘T’. Just get a rough idea of what’s needed to be fixed and address any issue immediately.

1. Stop Being Jealous


For real, don’t get jealous all the time. Why? It simply reeks of insecurity and this is ONE of the major reasons for killing any attraction. The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you are the hottest guy or girl in the school or office, it will destroy everything you’ve built.

jealous of your partner

It is understandable to be jealous and I totally get it. Hey, I am a jealous man as well. But you know what I’d do? I fight the urge to show this emotion around my ex.

And jealousy almost never, NEVER, resolve any issue. You’re more likely to fight with your partner instead.

Okay Matt, “what has this got to do with getting my ex back? I am single now.” Well, firstly, by being aware of jealousy, you are preventing it from happening again.

It doesn’t matter if she’s by your side right now. If you are still showing this emotion so frequently, nothing can help you.

The next thing you want to do is use this emotion to your advantage when you’re trying to get him or her back. No, I am not asking you to be jealous but make your partner jealous instead. I’ll get back to this in just a second.

2. Stop Contacting Them


The no-contact rule, which I am sure you have heard of. There’s a reason why many do this, because it works!If you recently broke up, don’t, and I mean don’t call, text, send nudes, hang out with common friends with her around or just any form of contact.

Give your ex some space and give your self some space to reflect everything. You want a clear perspective of what you’ve got before were authentic and truly what you want.

Moreover, you allow him or her to actually realize how empty they are without you. It will start messing them mentally and emotionally to the brink of breaking down. They will then pick up their phone to call you out of desperation.

You want them to notice that they miss you. Let the memories flood back to them. The more you distance yourself, the more they come back to you.

Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder

It could be a week, or two, or months. The best practice is to give at least give 3-4 weeks.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but leaving them alone is one of the best ways to get them back into your life.

Not too long ago, I did this exact same thing with my close friend. We fought and basically did not contact each other for almost 5 months. Then one day, she just decided to send me a photo of us and said she misses me.

Goes to show how powerful this technique is, right?

What if I receive a text before the 4 weeks period end? Your ex will probably send a long text. Don’t respond unless it is an emergency. You will know when it is the time to respond. Trust your instinct a little more!

3. Recover Emotionally


Very much like the above, it is crucial that you give yourself some time. I know you’re upset that your ex dumped you, trust me, there’s nothing much you can do at this point but to focus on yourself. At the same time, follow the 2nd rule. 

You don’t want to force things with her because your ex will less likely get back with you. To win your ex’s heart, it is going to start with you. When you are in a good mood, things move around quickly and you’re in a better state to respond if she texts or calls you.

Get your life back on track and be the person he/she was once attracted to you. Only YOU can make it work. Be at 100% and in no time, your ex will look at you in a different light.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Pick up some hobbies
  • Hang out with your friends (not when she’s around)
  • Go workout and be in the best shape of your life
  • Get a make over

Basically, do anything to make yourself feel good. You have to be in a positive state of mind. When your ex sees you updating your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook – provided they didn’t block you – they will be like “goddamn” this person looks good or seems happy.

I don’t know how many times I have heard that from my friends. After they broke up, their ex immediately became hotter. They instantly feel regret. Funny but true!

And you want to be that person that your ex looks up to even after break up.

4. Start Dating Around


This is my favorite technique. FIRE UP YOUR TINDER, BUMBLE and start swiping like there’s no tomorrow!

If you’re a mature reading this, well, GO TO THE BAR and talk to strangers like there’s no tomorrow!

When you’re dating other people, you’re killing two birds with one stone. You could be finding someone better than your ex. Don’t close yourself up and think your ex is the only person in the world you can date.

According to Wikipedia, there are 7.9 billion people as of Nov 2021. Are you sure he/she’s the one?

Now here’s the interesting part. If your ex finds out you’re dating someone else, all hell breaks loose. Your ex will start to get jealous and want you again. Just imagine your ex seeing you on Tinder?!

See? Why be jealous when you can make your ex jealous? It’s healthier for your body that way!

They see you as a desirable person. You know, like social proof. For example, if everyone wants your handsome boy, you’d naturally shield him and get defensive right? Same goes for this situation regardless of breaking up.

Once it happens, you’ll be ready to pounce like a tiger and take your ex back like a last slice of pizza on the table!

How are they going to notice? Well..like Rule 3, the power of social media!

What if I don’t use social media? Goshhh..I don’t know?! Mail her a photo of your new date? Send a pigeon with a letter? Or better yet, get your friends to spread this news to your ex.

Above all, just be desirable again.

#5. Let The Seduction Begin

Finally, after ticking off step 1-4, you can now proceed to make your ex fall for you by using psychological triggers.

What do I mean by that? Using psychological techniques, you are able to break their shield, dissolve their anger towards you, allow them to see you as a whole different person and most importantly, make them fall for you AGAIN.

It doesn’t matter if your ex is a guy or a girl because it works on anyone and it doesn’t discriminate.

Trust me, they will never see it coming, especially from you.

They’ll instantly regret and ask why did she/he ever broke up with you. They will be begging you to come back to them.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, I have done it myself and I saw the results.

Besides, the technique will instantly make you more desirable. Your ex will not stop thinking about you. Heck, forget ex, any guy or girl will run coming after you.

Shut up and tell me what this technique is! 

Okay chill… I can’t list everything out. I learned it from Brad Browning, a relationship expert that has helped thousands of people to get their ex back with a success rate of over 90%. Happy now?

This technique is so powerful that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve broken up because it will work.

You will learn some mind-bending secrets that will get your ex to start wanting to connect with you again and be by your side.

Taking the first 4 steps is only the beginning phase. If you TRULY want to win your ex’s heart back, then follow up with the free informational video below. It is what I call, the ULTIMATE seduction technique.

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Grab some snacks and enjoy the video. Get ready to be blown out of your mind!


how to get an ex back

Everything I have listed above applies to both genders. As a bonus tip, I want to let you know that you should not beg your ex. Showing weakness will only mean you don’t deserve any of it.

These checklists are proven by many others, including me of course. It worked tremendously well for me and I believe it can for you.

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My advice is to not play a victim, and don’t blame your ex for everything that has happened. Acknowledge the mistakes made, learn from it, and grow from it.

Everything begins with you. Only you can change your relationship status (like on Facebook).

Best of luck in your relationship.

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