signs no contact rule is working

5 Signs No Contact Rule Is Working

Everyone deals with a break up differently. While some choose to move on from the previous relationship, others want to try get back with their exes, and that means using whatever necessary method to try get them back. One of the most common method to help a person deal with the problem is avoiding all contact. In this article, let’s discuss 5 signs no contact rule is working.

What Is The No Contact Rule?

First off, the no contact rule is a method used for post break up with someone without the need for an emotional confrontation. The idea behind it is that you cut off all communication with the person, but still maintain your dignity and self-respect. This means no texts, no calls, no emails, no social media, no nothing.

This is also often done in order to give both parties time and space to process their emotions and potentially miss each other. The thinking behind it is that if you give your ex some space, they’ll start to miss you and realize they made a mistake in breaking up with you. And when they reach out to you again, you can be sure they really want to be with you and not just trying to get back into your good graces.

Some people think the no contact rule is too harsh, and that it’s better to stay in touch with their ex and try to be friends. But the truth is, if you’re still talking to your ex, you’re not giving them the space they need to miss you. And you’re also not giving yourself the time you need to heal and move on.

So, if you’re thinking about using the no contact rule, here are five signs that it’s working:

What Not Contacting Your Ex Does To Them

No contact with the person you want to get over is a very difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of willpower and determination. But it is the only way to get over someone and move on in your life.

We talk about how does no contact work, why we need it and what are the benefits of applying it. We also explore some tips and tricks on how to make no contact work for you and not against you.

5 Signs No Contact Rule Is Working

The no contact rule is an important tool to help you get over a breakup. It is a way of giving yourself time and space to heal. It is also a way of detoxing from the toxic relationship. The no contact rule can be hard to stick to, but it is important to do it for your own wellbeing. Here are five signs that the no contact rule is working for you.

1. No Longer Thinking About Them Constantly

You are no longer thinking about your ex all the time: Before you started the no contact rule, you could not stop thinking about your ex. You would replay all the happy moments in your head and think about what went wrong. Now, you are starting to think about other things. You are focusing on your hobbies, your friends and your own life. This is a good sign that the no contact rule is working. That said, you released all anger you have towards them. At first, you were so angry at your ex for breaking up with you. You would get worked up every time you thought about them. Now, you are starting to feel more calm. You are able to think about the breakup without getting angry. This is a good sign that the no contact rule is working.

2. Feeling More Positive Every Day

You are starting to feel more positive: When you first started the no contact rule, you may have felt sad and negative all the time. Now, you are starting to feel more positive. You are looking at the future with hope and excitement. This is a good sign that the no contact rule is working. You are starting to feel like yourself again: After a breakup, it is common to feel like you have lost yourself. You are no longer sure who you are without your ex. Now, you are starting to feel like yourself again. You are rediscovering your hobbies and your interests. This is a good sign that the no contact rule is working.

3. Meeting New People

meeting new people

When you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, the next best thing one can do is to form new relationships: If you are able to form new relationships and are open to the possibility of dating again, it could be a sign that the no-contact rule is helping you to move on from the past and look towards the future. Why waste time looking back at the past when there are tons of new people that can potentially be your next partner? Sure, some prefers their ex but then you can still meet new friends to take your mind from the issue for a bit.

4. No Longer Comparing Yourself

You are no longer comparing yourself to your ex: Before, you would compare yourself to your ex and feel inferior. You would wonder why they were able to move on so quickly while you were struggling. Now, you are no longer comparing yourself to them. You are focusing on your own life and your own journey. This is a good sign that the no contact rule is working.

5. Your Ex Wants To Talk

I believe this is one that most people started experiencing. Your ex becomes more open and receptive to communication. This may involve them being more willing to talk about the breakup and what went wrong in the relationship, or showing more interest in your life and what you are doing. Your ex reaches out to you after the no contact period has ended. This may be through a phone call, text message, or other form of communication. Even if they like your photos on social media is a sure sign that they want to talk again.

What are the Pros and Cons of the No Contact Rule?


  • It gives you time to heal and process your emotions after the break up.
  • It allows your ex to miss you and potentially reflect on the relationship.
  • It can help you avoid potentially damaging or hurtful communication during the break up.
  • It can give you the opportunity to focus on yourself and make positive changes in your life.


  • It can be difficult to stick to the rule, especially if you still have feelings for your ex.
  • Your ex may not miss you or reflect on the relationship, and the no contact rule could end up pushing them further away.
  • It can create distance and a lack of communication, which can make it harder to reconcile in the future.
  • It can cause resentment and bitterness if the no contact rule is not mutual and one person is left waiting for the other to reach out.

Have Your Ex Moved On?

It can be devastating when you’re trying to get over someone and it seems like they’ve already moved on. While there’s no definite way to know for sure whether your ex has moved on, there are some signs that may indicate they have. If your ex suddenly starts dating someone new or begins flirting with other people, it’s likely they’ve moved on. If they’re no longer interested in speaking to you or they go out of their way to avoid you, that’s another sign they may have moved on.

If your ex starts talking about their new partner or bragging about their new relationship, it’s a pretty clear sign they’ve moved on. They may also start posting photos with their new partner on social media. If you’re still trying to get over your ex and they seem to be completely over you, it can be a really tough pill to swallow.

However, there are ways to cope with this situation. It’s important to remember that just because your ex has moved on, it doesn’t mean you have to as well. Take the time you need to heal and focus on taking care of yourself. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family members who can help you through this tough time. It’s also important to keep busy and distracted. Fill your time with hobbies, activities, and things that make you happy.

Doing this can help you realize there’s more to life than your relationship with your ex. If you find out your ex has moved on, it’s okay to be hurt, sad, or even angry. But don’t dwell on these negative emotions for too long. Instead, focus on the positive things in your life and the fact that you’re now free to move on as well.


The no-contact rule is a popular and effective strategy used after a breakup. Everyone at some point in their lives would use this method unknowingly because it is the only logical thing you can do after separating with someone. And if you are here reading this article, chances are you are already doing it. The pros of the no-contact rule include giving yourself time to heal and reflect, and potentially making your ex-partner miss you and want you back. The cons include the potential for the ex-partner to move on and the risk of losing communication and closure.

Overall, the effectiveness of the no-contact rule depends on the individual situation and should be carefully considered before implementing.

If you want to learn how to do this effectively, I suggest you watching this video to learn how to get your ex back effectively.

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