Using humour to connect locally and globally

Hi all!

Some time ago, my workshop proposition got accepted for the annual SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) congress in Tallinn, Estonia. The congress will last between 18th and 21st of September (my workshop will take place on the last day, Saturday, between 10:45-12.00). This year’s theme is “Global Reach, Local Touch” and I designed a following workshop/lecture scenario.


It’s time to take humour seriously!
Humour can be a powerful tool to connect with others and it can be used deliberately to enhance integration in the cross-cultural settings. The workshop will be a fun and memorable experience; combining theory, research and practical applications of the psychology of humour.

In the course of 1h 15 min the participants will:
a) hear some useful information about the theory and research, with emphasis on cross-cultural differences / similarities;
b) experience interactive group activities employing humour (that can be later used by themselves);
c) discuss the impact of humour in the Internet social media and modern social networks globally.

I’m looking forward to the whole workshop, but especially to the last part of it, that is discussing what impact Facebook and YouTube with its viral memes, websites and funny video compilations have on our sense of humor. Can we now talk more than ever about a “global” or globalizing sense of humor? Well, I don’t know about that, but it seems symptomatic that YouTube-parties world wide often end with a shark-cat video screenings…

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